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The power and experience of Ziraat Bank is with you for all your financial needs.

Foreign Currency Transfers
You can make foreign currency transfers to Turkey or any country in the world through our Bank.
Especially in the transfers to Turkey, thanks to its comprehensive branch network, strong correspondent relations and pace, T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. will enable secure transaction.
(Our Bank cannot transfer money to the countries subject to international sanctions)

Western Union

  • Fast and Safe Money Transfers to Anywhere in the World with ZİRAAT BANK
  • Now in Ziraat Bank you can transfer money fast, safely and easily from and to anywhere in the world without a bank account.
  • To more than 100 countries and 270.000 points in the world.

Advantages of Western Union Fast Money Transfer

  • Fast: Thanks to the state-of-art technology used by Ziraat Bank and Western Union the money is transferred to the receiver in a few minutes.
  • Practical: You can send directly to the name of the receiver without the need for an account in our Bank.
  • Worldwide: You can send money to or receive money from anywhere in the world thanks to the extensive agency network of Western Union in the world (post offices, banks, pharmacies, etc.).
  • Safe: The transfer is protected with a high security system and approved with a security code.

– a service providing instant money transfers without opening a bank account with more than 60 ths service locations throughout Russia, countries of near and far abroad. More than 550 banks participate in the service at the moment.   
KoronaPay Service is marked by:

  • Speed – a money transfer may be received in a few minutes after it was sent;
  • Convenience – it is enough to specify a country and a city of transfer receipt. A Beneficiary can choose the most convenient transfer payout location;
  • Control – it is possible to check out the transfer status online 24/7 at the service website;
  • Availability – more than 15,000 payout locations in the countries of far abroad.

As of June 10, 2015, a Special Tariff 0% for transfers in foreign currency is applied upon sending transfers from banks in the territory of Russia and the countries of near abroad.  

How to make a transfer
To send a money transfer you should have an identification document and money with you. You will also need to specify a full name of a beneficiary, a country and a city where a money transfer will be paid out. It is not necessary to provide an exact beneficiary’s address – you can specify only a city. Your beneficiary will select the most convenient agent location and currency to receive the money transfer.

To receive a money transfer, you should:

  • have an ID with you;
  • say a money transfer number to an operator;
  • say a money transfer amount and currency in which you would like to receive a transfer.

Money transfers sent via KoronaPay service are available at any location in the selected city. To check the nearest service locations, please, visit the website of KoronaPay:
For more details on KoronaPay service visit our website or call our support service at + 7 (495) 96-00-555 (call rates depend on the rules of communication service provider
Money transfer operator – Credit Union “Payment Center” (Ltd.), CBR License No. 3166-К as of April 14, 2014. Full list of companies providing money transfer service via KoronaPay is available at

Withdrawing money from the accounts in Turkey
You can withdraw money from time/demand deposit real person customer accounts in T.C.Ziraat Bankası A.Ş.

E-Government Services and Payments
You can benefit from the Russian Federation E-Government systems and carry out listed payments in our bank.

  • Taxes
  • Fines
  • Pension Fund
  • Social Security
  • Other Government Bodies

You can also make enquiries in Government Organisations on customer basis.

SMS Information
Our bank provides SMS Information service to its customers.

  • SMS notification of the customer on the changes in customer accounts
  • SMS notification of the customer on the credit repayment date
  • Notification of the customer on delays in payments

Retail Banking Documents
In accordance with legal requirements all documents must be in Russian.